Visual System: Kami Conference


Visual System: Kami Conference


Paper Deity

Brief: Create a conference and a visual system around the theme of wood.

Kami is a conference about learning and honoring the beautiful tradition of paper in Japanese history and culture, and exploring interpretations of the art form in modern context. The design takes inspiration from the rings from trees, the place of origin from paper as well from the Japanese art form of paper marbling. Final deliverables include posters, web and app design, conference swag, and name tags.

Completed as a design exercise for Design 488 - Visual Systems

Duration: 6 weeks
Programs: Adobe Creative Suite
Advisor: Ben Graham

Fall 2016

kami poster.jpg
kami app screens.jpg

Marbling Process

The paper marbling pattern used in the final designs was handmade by myself using marbling ink. Black and white marbling ink are dripped into a tray of water until the desired pattern is formed. Paper is then placed on the surface of the water and then "pulled".

Scan 7.jpeg
Final marbling scanned in 

Final marbling scanned in 

Final marbling photoshopped

Final marbling photoshopped