Brand: Fred Meyer

Brand: Fred Meyer


Brand: Fred Meyer


For the Modern Family

Fred Meyer is the first suburban one-stop-shop, known for carrying a variety of goods ranging from cleaning supplies to fresh vegetables. With locations across the nation, Fred Meyer is a trusted household name.

This redesign aims to capture Fred Meyer's small-town, general store beginnings and distinguish it in an era of superstores.

Completed as a rebranding exercise for Design 368 - Corporate Identities.

Duration: 6 weeks
Programs: Adobe Creative Suite
Advisor: Ben Graham

Fall 2016

paper bag.jpg
To the busy family with large shopping lists and limited time, Fred Meyer is the original, one-stop-shop that gives you the greatest variety for the best value — thanks to their long-running relationship with local, organic farms, and their commitment to stocking discounted big brands — saving you time and money without sacrificing quality.

Final Deliverable: Brand Guideline